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Maryland DivorceIn Maryland, there are two types of divorce, Limited Divorce and Absolute Divorce. Limited Divorce is like a legal separation, but it is optional and it does not terminate the marriage. The Court can decide custody, child support, alimony, and use and payment towards marital assets (like the house) during a Limited Divorce.

Absolute Divorce is the final termination of marriage. The Court requires grounds (“a reason”) for divorce, either abuse, abandonment or adultery, other less common grounds, or mutual consent (if no minor children) or the couple has been separated for at least one year. Separation means living separately, not under the same roof, and not having sexual relations. Separation does not include separate bedrooms in the same house or apartment, nor living on separate floors.

The information provided on this page is general information about divorce law in Maryland and does not constitute legal advice specific to you. Please contact Golden Law, LLC to schedule an initial consultation if you would like to discuss your facts and situation and how the law applies to your case.